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When people think of back pain or the need to visit a chiropractor, they assume that the treatment will only involve massage therapy and lots of stretches; in some cases, that may be all the necessary treatment an individual needs. However, there are other methods that we can use to help treat back or neck pain. One such method is cold laser therapy.

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What is Cold Laser Therapy?

Cold laser therapy is a fairly simple process in which one of our trained team professionals will use a hand held device to:

  • Reduce swelling
  • Reduce pain and spasms
  • Increase functionality
  • Treat acute and chronic pain
  • Treat Soft tissue injuries
  • Treat tendonitis, arthritis, tennis elbow, bursitis and carpal tunnel syndrome

By applying wavelengths of light through the handheld device, we can help accelerate the healing process for the patient’s condition. As we place the cold laser over the injury or injured area, the laser passes through the skin to the muscles underneath to help relieve pain. Once the laser reaches the necessary areas, it provides energy for the cells to repair themselves. This energy in the cells can help the healing process over time.

The procedure itself is not painful and allows the patient to relax while administering it. However, we may include cold laser therapy with other treatment plans, thus making it a helpful component but not the only treatment. Below are a few questions that other patients often ask about cold laser therapy.

How Does the Process Work?

Upon scheduling an appointment at our practice, we will have new patients fill out a “New Patient” form. The form will cover the patient’s medical history, current health condition and insurance information. The patient can fill out this form at home prior to the appointment or at the practice on the day of the appointment. Once we go over all information and the patient’s condition, we will decide if cold laser therapy treatment is the best option for the patient.

While the therapy may benefit certain patients, other patients may not benefit from cold laser therapy. Since each patient is unique, we will customize the treatment as necessary depending on the severity of the patient’s condition and the patient’s needs. We can also change the treatment regimen as necessary for the patient’s needs. Below are a few questions that patients may ask us about cold laser therapy.

How will I know the cold laser therapy is having an effect?

While there is no magical cure-all method for back, neck or physical body pains, cold laser therapy can help patients down the road to recovery. After a few sessions of therapy, the patient will experience relief in the areas of pain. Patients will begin to feel relief, reduced swelling and an increase in functionality. We will usually incorporate other treatment methods with cold laser therapy such as massage therapy, non-surgical back pain treatment and more.

How long do the treatments take?

The laser itself will only need a few minutes to reach the target area beneath the skin, depending on the size of the area and the type of injury. The overall appointment can take 30 minutes or longer depending on the patient’s treatment, condition and other needs.

What is the price of cold laser therapy?

The price of cold laser therapy sessions can vary greatly on the amount of sessions necessary and the patient’s insurance. A patient will want to ask their insurance provider if cold laser therapy is covered or ask us for more information about the payment process.

Is cold laser therapy painful?

No. The only pain the patient will feel will be from his or her current condition. Our team will take all necessary steps to keep the patient comfortable during the treatment process. In most cases, patients will feel relief during the procedure instead of pain.

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