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The spine connects everything in the body together, even the nerves. Damage to the spin or different areas of the back can lead to more problems than just pain. While it is understandable for people to assume that a sore back or other chiropractic health issues will only result in physical pain, there are actually risks of other conditions occurring throughout the body.

Treatment methods that only focus on relieving symptoms instead of treating the root of the issue will have patients finding that the pain continues to dominate their lives. In other cases, the treatment only masks the pain and allows the issue to get worse until surgery is the only option. Fortunately, we can use functional medicine to identify the cause of the pain instead of just the symptoms.

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Long-Term Treatment

At Kay Chiropractic Center, we strive to create a long-term treatment that will help the patient continue to live a healthy and comfortable lifestyle without the pain they currently have. In order to do so, we need to first establish medical information about the patient. This information includes:

  • Current condition
  • Medical history
  • Insurance
  • Allergies
  • Any past treatment methods for the condition we are examining
  • Any other pertinent information

With this information, we will be able to customize a treatment for the patient’s individual needs. By taking into account various aspects of a patient’s lifestyle, we can help to develop a long-term treatment. Since no patient is exactly like another, it is important to customize the treatment. Otherwise, the patient will not benefit from a one-size-fits-all method.

If a patient has mild back pain, then rest and some painkillers may do the trick. When the pain continues to return or gets worse, it is time to call a professional chiropractor for treatment. The problem may involve specific lifestyle choices that are inflaming or irritating a specific part of the body. Our treatment can help to find the source of the pain and recommend how to eliminate the pain.

Multiple Factors Leading to One Condition

Chiropractic health conditions can have multiple causing factors. While treating the overall condition can provide relief, it will only lead to an ongoing battle with the condition. With functional medicine, we can identify these causes and help to treat them. Some of the factors that we need to look at in a patient’s lifestyle include:

  • Diet and nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Stress
  • Genetics
  • Environment

While these factors can vary per each individual patient, some people will not realize their health issues can directly result from these factors. A lack of exercise can lead to lower back pain.

While people may hear that bad posture can also cause other health problems, they may not always believe it. In fact, unhealthy eating and a lack of exercise that promote obesity can cause back pain. Being overweight can shift an individual’s center of gravity forward and place extra strain on the back muscles.

In fact, even just limiting any form of physical activity can cause back pain. Patients who are experiencing back pain will not benefit from a lack of any physical activity or exercise. Physical activity can increase blood flow to the specific area of the back that is in pain. This is why many chiropractic treatments use physical therapy to help promote healing.

Developing a Treatment Plan

In order to customize the treatment plan, we will review these factors with the patient. It is important to note that we are not here to shame anyone in doing this. Rather, it is crucial to find the most effective treatment for long-term recovery. In some cases, functional medicine may not be the most effective treatment and if so, we will recommend the most effective treatment. The first step is to schedule an appointment.

During the appointment, we will help to identify what may need to change. For instance, we provide nutritional counseling and weight loss management. If these treatment options can help the patient, we will help develop a plan that incorporates their techniques to benefit the patient. We will guide the patient through the healing process and provide follow-up appointments if necessary. This way, you can continue to live a healthy lifestyle and find the relief you need without having to depend solely on medication.

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If you or a loved one is in need of chiropractic treatment, functional medicine may be the treatment you need. Call us to schedule an appointment and receive the customized treatment you need. We can help you get back on the path toward healing and long-term relief.

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